Floss is Your Friend

You have probably heard Dr. Gurevich mention to you the importance of flossing when you come to your dental visits at Smiles and Sonrisas. You as a patient have probably come up with all the excuses as why you do not floss.
Here are the top 3 excuses we hear:3. "I don't have time" If you are reading this right now, you could be flossing at this very moment. We all lead busy lives with work, school children and weekend activities and we understand that but if you have time to  brush your teeth (which we hope you are doing) you must have time to floss. There are so many instances in your day that you could be flossing.

  • While you are catching up on all your shows on Netflix.
  • In the shower.
  • During your lunch break.
  • In front of the computer (flossing as we speak).

2. "Flossing isn't really necessary" Trust us when we say Dr. Gurevich wouldn't stress the importance of flossing if it wasn't really important. Flossing removes bacteria and plaque from between your teeth that can lead to gum disease and cavities.
3. "My gums bleed when I floss" This is the most frequently heard excuse when it comes to flossing.What you haven't heard is that healthy gums do not bleed. Dr. Gurevich could poke at those healthy gums and they won't bleed,healthy gums aren't  even tender. The point is that your gums are bleeding because you aren't flossing enough. Ironic isn't it?
At Smiles and Sonrisas, Dr. Gurevich offers complimentary floss. What's your excuse now?

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