The Truth Behind the Tooth

Ever notice that giant tooth on 60th avenue and Bird Road? Of course you have! You have probably giggled when you saw it decked out for the Holidays. Behind every tooth there is a story....well behind every giant tooth on a major street in Miami there is a story.

It all started 20 years ago when Dr. Gurevich was attending an art festival in Miami, he came across an interesting sculpture. Inspired by the artwork he decided to ask the artist to create a tooth, he wanted a sculpture that represented his passion for Smiles and Sonrisas.

Dr. Gurevich had no idea he had created a landmark in Miami. About 2 years ago after realizing the importance the tooth had on the neighborhood he asked his sister to create a special hat for this very special tooth. Every Holiday we dress the tooth up and bring holiday spirit to the busy street of Bird Road.

We receive calls at Smiles and Sonrisas frequently from drivers who thank us for making their daily commute a little more enjoyable. We are proud to have such a staple in the community and call it our own.

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